A downloadable FPS Tower Defense for Windows

Tantrum Teddies is a First Person Tower Defense game that takes place within the confines of a child's room and backyard. The game features 10 waves on 2 levels with 5 different towers and 5 different enemy types. Collect bricks from fallen enemies to place more towers!

Why is this game being uploaded here? Tantrum Teddies was originally created, designed, and developed during the 2017 Global Game Jam. One of our testers was a young child who really enjoyed the game's concept, even though the game was mostly broken. The team was really passionate about the project through the entire development process and we're gauging interest to see whether or not we advance into full development. This game isn't really an alpha. It's more of a "proof of concept". Would you play a first person tower defense game? Is there a market for it? These are the questions running through our heads that we wish to be answered.

Please feel free to make any kind of youtube videos on the project to spread the word as quickly as possible. The team thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.

It is very likely there are a multitude of bugs present in the game. If you find a bug, particularly a game breaking bug please let us know immediately!

Music Credit: bensound.com

Tower 1: Tank Gun (Costs 3 Bricks)
Tower 2: Anti-Air Gun (Costs 5 Bricks)
Tower 3: Gatling Gun (Costs 10 Bricks)
Tower 4: High Powered Gun (Costs 15 Bricks)
Tower 5: NUKE (Costs 20 Bricks)

Please fill out this form upon completing the demo to help us figure out how to move forward with the project's development:

Install instructions

To play the game all you have to do is download the .rar and unzip it! Click on the .exe file and ejnjoy the game


Tantrum Teddies Ver. 0.1.2 55 MB

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